Get to Know a Statusholder/Refugee

Amsterdam, Nederland

Amsterdam has a global reputation of being a diverse city, and between 2014 and 2016, the Netherlands became home to several thousand refugees fleeing conflict. Regardless of their legal protections and residence status, these new Amsterdammers and Netherlanders cannot feel at home without a sense of community and belongingness.

This initiative is to challenge you to extend beyond your boundaries, to reach out and meet someone new, to eradicate the fear of the unknown in regard to your new neighbors. To recognize them as human beings, as neighbors, as friends.

I challenge you to get to know a statusholder (a statusholder is a refugee who has been granted residency in the Netherlands). Learn something new. Incite an intercultural exchange. Ask them about their culture and share what you love most about your own. Bring them to your favorite place in Amsterdam or the Netherlands.

Then share with the local community the value of this exchange. Take a picture or video that highlights your experience and send it to sryannucci@ to be featured on the Goodhood Collective Instagram page, a project that challenges contemporary integration efforts.

Show the world what Amsterdammers are all about: embracing diversity and treating the community with love, acceptance, and compassion, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background.

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